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AK Tactical Furniture was created after building hidden compartments for myself when I lived in a small one bedroom place with very little space and need to utilize all the space I had running out of room in my gun safe and still purchasing guns I also wanted a way to quickly access my shotgun and to keep it hidden in plain site. I saw some furniture online that was located down south but I didn’t see exactly what I wanted and it was very overpriced and expensive to ship to Alaska so I started making furniture for myself, then I would show my friends. My friends really loved what I was doing and started asking me what I would charge to make them a custom piece so I started my own business doing what I love doing.

Personalized Customization

I like to sit down and talk with clients about what they use in everyday life, what room they would spend most of their time in and what application they would like. I also make sure to make my custom furniture blend in with the part of the house that they want to place it so that the piece matches the trim and other furniture they currently have.

Built to Last

I am making real furniture with real wood to the customers choice, built to last and be passed down from one generation to the next. I take pride in my work and what I do, I was able to turn a hobby and passion into a business.

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